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So you’ve decided to say YES for life, congratulations!
It’s on, now it’s time to find someone who can help make your marriage THE wedding.
You read magazines, devour postings on specialised marriage blogs, determined to have the most up-to-the-minute wedding. And in one of these articles, you’re bound to come across talk of an acclaimed professional for your nuptials: the Wedding Planner

With this in mind, and seeing as how a marriage professional would greatly ease your task (yes, yes, let’s be honest, it’s fastidious organising a wedding), you ask yourself, “and why not call upon the talents of a marriage organiser?!”
However, once you’ve looked at a few websites and read about the services that wedding consultants offer, you think to yourself “But why opt for a Wedding Planner, who’s just going to introduce me to professionals for my marriage, after all, surely we can do that by ourselves”.

Well yes, perhaps… but why forgo the services of a genuine marriage professional? Engaging a Wedding Planner, (or marriage organiser), as I said before, means that you don’t have to spend an average of 250 hours (and that’s a low estimate) on organising the whole wedding yourself. Otherwise, it will be down to you to find THE perfect location, the place that matches your expectations, (along with any potential drawbacks, as is often the case with many places, for example does it have rooms on site for your friends and family to stay?), …and the caterer who fulfils your every whim, the vintage car you always dreamed of for the occasion, etc. Whereas a professional already knows, right from the first meeting that you have together, what could suit you best, and can start work on your special day well in advance.

After that first meeting, they will also be able to guide you, and they will have a clear idea of whether or not your marriage project fits your budget, or if you’ll need to make some concessions.

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J’ai 2 Amours – wedding planner

They will suggest people with whom they have already talked, who they’ve taken the time to meet and with whom, for many among them, they have already worked. Often the Wedding Planner will already know their worth: to which environment this or that DJ will be best adapted, which caterer is in the best position to provide the food and service you’re looking for depending on your budget, which wedding designer will best conjure up the decoration for your marriage to create an atmosphere that feels just as you always imagined or which photographer is most likely to develop exactly the image that you want to see of your marriage.

Trusting a Wedding Planner, is also about trusting the choice of service providers singled-out from their address book, because they’ve made a rigorous selection of marriage professionals among their contacts.
As a Wedding Planner myself, I have created an image, a style, and the partners who I call upon reflect the image that I want to put across… If you are currently reading this article on my website, then my world must please you, a universe that you haven’t found elsewhere and that’s why you’re here, because you’re thinking “this is the kind of wedding that we would like to have”.

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Your marriage will be in your image, personalised to meet your desires, in one of the places that I present to you as your Wedding Planner, chosen according to the criteria that you provide, in Provence or somewhere else. As your Wedding Planner I will endeavour to fulfil your wishes, whether you envisage Drôme Provençale, the Luberon, the French Riviera, in the mountains or why not abroad! Spain, the Dominican Republic, French Polynesia…

Entrusting your nuptials into my capable hands as your Wedding Planner, means that you can rest assured that every possible effort will be made to make your special day the one you always dreamed of.
To quote a wise African proverb “Alone we go faster, together we go further”, so hesitate no more, I’m convinced that together we’ll make an excellent team. If you’d like us to meet, rendez-vous here.

A Wedding Planner for your Marriage

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